More fun template, Please!

Hey everyone, yes, this is another assignment and I know is going to be very helpful because I believe the image of my blog doesn't represnte me, and neither the content in it. So this is kind of a good exercice to imagine how I would like my blog looks like. I definitely have to work on changing the current image that I also consider is a little too bored.

The main idea is to give a simple image, because I am a simple girl I think so, may be some tribal elements that represents geometry with a black and white backgroun, this way the images I present have the chance to shine, specially the materials  and textures. Some accents of color would be nice too.

Those who know me in person could say if this image works or not, and same for those who doesn't, let me know what do you think. I'll be happy reading your opinion and advises.

mood board for iris blackboard templete


  1. Iris this is a gorgeous mood board, beautifully curated. Good luck with the redesign, very exciting!

  2. Thanks dear!! I'll show you the final design :) thanks for stopping by!!

  3. I like it!
    Grey, black, yellow... these are my favorite colors!
    Great job!
    xo, Bine (byw student!) ;-)

  4. Gorgeous mood board. I'm a sucker for black, white and grey. Also love your dotted background.
    xTina (from BYW)