Hello Again dear blogg and readers

Ok this is like introducing my self once again because I hope this is like a new beginning to my blog.

Here is the thing, I am enrolled in a very fun e-course named Blogging your way- boot camp and the reason why I am taking it is because I want to give some life to my blog. That's why I'm going to need help from my readers  on the next homework assignments. Let me know your opinion, leave me a comment and if you can give me some advises, are very welcome. I think you are going to see many changes in the way I used to blog, so please feel free to write down about it.

I have to say, at the beginning my blog was kind of a secret way to say: Oh dear architecture, I love you so much but we need a break from each other. Our relationship definitely needed to take a new way.

I ended falling in love with my secret, even better, my blog became an important part of my life and my profession.

I needed so badly someone to teach me how to make shine my no longer secret blog: iris blackboard.

This amazing girl is Holly Becker and she writes decor8 long time before I discovered blogging. Beside, I suspect we all the students in Holly's course share a little part of her personal history writing a blog, so I didn't have any doubt to take this course with her.

I am so ready to learn and hopefully have more readers to share my inspiration!


  1. Wonderful to 'meet' you here in your wonderful space. I'm also enjoying BYW :) Fellow student, Laura

  2. Laura thank you for stopping by!!! we totally keep in touch through our blogs!!