Thonet chair No 14 / Silla No14

As we still live the fury of old objects, especially furniture, this chair is for sure, one of those that everyone would love to have at home.
No14 chair is manufactured by Thonet company. Michael Thonet was pioneer in bentwood system, and after perfecting his technique in 1859 he launched this chair in Vienna. Which then became a classic.
Its innovative manufacture, made the easy mass-production and this made it available to almost everyone. Came easily to other continents, it was packaged as separate pieces and was assembled easily. It was even the first chair that was marketed and distributed in this way.
The design is made ​​of 6 clean and simple  parts -this must be the charm, not meant much with its design and got everything-
Le Corbusier, Poul Henningsen, Alvaro Siza and other famous designers have refered this chair as one of the most beautiful objects and better designed in the history of industrial design.

Como aun vivimos el furor de los objetos viejos, sobre todo los muebles, esta silla es seguro, una de esas que cualquiera quisiera tener en casa.
Es la silla No14 fabricada por la compañia Thonet. Michael Thonet es pionero en en el sistema de madera curvada, y despues de perfeccionar su tecnica en 1859 lanzo en Viena esta silla la cual se convirtio en un clasico.
Es su inovadora manufactuta lo que hizo la facil produccion en masa y esto a su vez poner  la silla al alcance de todos. Llego facilmente a otros continentes pues se empaquetaba como piezas separadas y se armaba de manera facil. Fue incluso la primer silla que se comercializo y distribuyo de esta manera.
El diseño esta hecho a base de 6 limpias y simples piezas, y ese debe ser su mayor encanto, no pretende mucho con su diseño y consigue todo. Le Corbusier, Poul Henningsen, Alvaro Siza y otros diseñadores famosos han referido esta silla como uno de los objetos mas bellos y mejor diseñados de la historia del diseño industrial.

Thanks to: thonet, design sponge, emmas design blog, the design files and desire to inspire


New Projects / Proyectos nuevos

After a tough way, finally I decided to start working by my own. Is not easy at all, and I think is getting worst, but I must confess I'm very exited.
So, I hope I could share little by little what is it about the "Plan B"
By now I share these designs that you hopefully will see more often in the network. Tell me what do you think?

Despues de andar un accidentado camino, finalmente di el brinco y me decidí a arrancar mis proyectos de manera independiente!.
No es para nada facil, y creo que se pondra mas dificil! pero debo confesar estoy muy emocionada. Espero poder irles contando poco a poco de que va el " Plan B".
Por ahora les comparto estas imagenes, que sin darles mayores detalles empezaran a ver mas seguido por la red. Ustedes digan, gustan o no?


More fun template, Please!

Hey everyone, yes, this is another assignment and I know is going to be very helpful because I believe the image of my blog doesn't represnte me, and neither the content in it. So this is kind of a good exercice to imagine how I would like my blog looks like. I definitely have to work on changing the current image that I also consider is a little too bored.

The main idea is to give a simple image, because I am a simple girl I think so, may be some tribal elements that represents geometry with a black and white backgroun, this way the images I present have the chance to shine, specially the materials  and textures. Some accents of color would be nice too.

Those who know me in person could say if this image works or not, and same for those who doesn't, let me know what do you think. I'll be happy reading your opinion and advises.

mood board for iris blackboard templete


Pillow book-blogs!

As one of the goals to me now in the e-curse I am taking, is trying to take off the image of tumblr to my blog by telling you a little bit more about my interpretation of what I share with you. It is time to really share little more about what  I like. So the next list is about the 5 blogs I turn the most, like a pillow book. Since I discover the blogging world I started collecting blogs specially about design. When I say collect, trust me, I'm talking about lots of them. They are my little treasure and I'm going to start with those I found since the very beginning and they became the base of my inspiration in all senses.

1.- Emma reminds me all the time how much I'am in love with scandinavian design, her blog is mostly about scandinavian interiors, styling and photography with the most contemporary perspective.

2.- Morgan Satterfield writes the brick house as a document of the remodelation process in her not so new house. I adore her style and all DIY she does and share with us. 

3.- Japanese trash is actually a masculine design blog but I can't help it, sofistication, natural materials, elegant and neutral colors are a constant in this blog, I just love it.  

4.- The kind of blog that has a very nice mix of art, interior design, fashion and architecture. Pretty girly and elegant!

5.- The one that is better represented by its name. This is is the place I allways visit to document my self. To me is like a magazine that has exactly all I need.


Inspiration! where do you come from?

When I think about people, objects or in general images that inspire me, it comes easily the idea of a quiet and simple life style. There is no specific reason why Scandinavian style have this essence to me. Talking about Scandinavian interior design I just love the touches of white, wood and modern furniture. It seems like everything is designed to sit, relax and enjoy with a cup of coffee.

Out of the Nordic fantasy I am Mexican girl, we belong to bright colors, woven fabrics, textures and the most interesting traditions. I have to be honest and say that I have a long way to explore deep into this topic, but my culture is one of the things that not only inspires me but also motivates me.

What  I think is another important ingredient when I'm looking for inspiration is like I shared in a previous entry: the happiness I get from restoring an old object or furniture. In the other hand, I always remember me imaging spaces where I feel happy -let me talk about this with my shrink, may be an important issue, lol- At the end I believe I'm trying to mix up all the images I just described.

I'm not done yet, this is a work in progress, that's why writing this blog at first, was for me a nice way to find out and pronounce me and my style through all the images I love. I also believe inspiration comes in different packages with different contents at very different moments in our lives.
Right now to me, this image of "a quiet and simple life style" and everything around it, is what INSPIRES me.

Image via Emmas design blogg

Hello Again dear blogg and readers

Ok this is like introducing my self once again because I hope this is like a new beginning to my blog.

Here is the thing, I am enrolled in a very fun e-course named Blogging your way- boot camp and the reason why I am taking it is because I want to give some life to my blog. That's why I'm going to need help from my readers  on the next homework assignments. Let me know your opinion, leave me a comment and if you can give me some advises, are very welcome. I think you are going to see many changes in the way I used to blog, so please feel free to write down about it.

I have to say, at the beginning my blog was kind of a secret way to say: Oh dear architecture, I love you so much but we need a break from each other. Our relationship definitely needed to take a new way.

I ended falling in love with my secret, even better, my blog became an important part of my life and my profession.

I needed so badly someone to teach me how to make shine my no longer secret blog: iris blackboard.

This amazing girl is Holly Becker and she writes decor8 long time before I discovered blogging. Beside, I suspect we all the students in Holly's course share a little part of her personal history writing a blog, so I didn't have any doubt to take this course with her.

I am so ready to learn and hopefully have more readers to share my inspiration!


wood + old inspiration

Two of my favorite elements in design are old furniture and wood. This images are about the mix of them in a contemporary context. Hope you enjoy and get inspired

thnks to: blood and champagne  cafemarocchino anthropologie


Neon Neon

There is neon everywhere, it's cheerful and youthful, so here a few ideas to add some of the 90's to your space.

Thnx to: alvhemmakler, housetohome, lucasallenphoto, apartmenttherapy, The style files, Jeroen van Spek



Those kind of sounds that bring me lot of feelings, lot of moments. This is the english  sound of SBTRKT I hope you  like.


Nursery inspiration

 So exited about new babys in the family, so here, some room inspiration.  From classic, rustic and romantic styles to the most contemporary chic style. with love to the new mommies.