Jean Prouvé

The influence that this metal worker self-taught architect and designer has over the industrial design, as well as the manufacturing technology and the industrialized building, has no precedent.
Worth it to take a look to his biography to know who he was, and more important, to know his important contribution to the modern era movement.
I'm going to show you just a tiny part of his work with this amazing pieces of industrial and furniture design.

Enjoy it!!

fauteuil direction
rayonnage mural
tabouret No 307
tabouret solvay
lit flavigny

Table S.A.M. No. 502

potence lamp

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Eames chairs

I couldn't even pick one chair as my favorite, I'm crazy about all of them. Those are chairs designed by American designers Charles Eames and his wife Ray.
They had  an important background in architecture, art, industrial design, and maybe all the visual arts at their time, there is lot of work behind those characters in all the named fields.

Definitely the images below are the most famous pieces of art they gave to the industrial and furniture design.


molded plastic arm chair
Eames lounge chair
molded plywood acronym chair
molded plastic rocking chair

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