String system

As you already know, I love Scandinavian design and the entry this time is about an object designed by Swedish architect Nils Strinning, an outstanding figure in the scene of foundation of Scandinavian design.

The string system is a modern clean and simple shelving system. Because "every thing old is new" is the lemma nowadays, here it is some images of the String system.

 thnk to string furniture and convoy


Romantic Peonies

Crazy hot weather in Mexico City and the season makes me think about flowers. Here it is my new favorite; elegant and classic: "Peonies" she bloom in May in so many romantic colors.

They are perfect for any kind of of small and medium vases, for home and any outdoor celebration. Enjoy them.

 A peony for Dey and her lovely Mi mundo y otras ociosidades

thnks to  ada & darcy