Rosie music

"I'm an artist inspired by fashion, music, travels and children books illustrations :)". 
Rosie music / Cynthia Yee in her twitter profile. 
Her profile says exactly  what I feel through her illustrations, music, fashion, youth, hipster characters. All this in a vintage environment that is reflected in accessories like t-shirts, hand bags, pins and cushions. I want all of them :)
What can I actually say that her work doesn't say already?. I just love it!!

Images from rosie music Etsy


Kitchen curitains

May be the name of this entry is not the right one to give you a good idea of what i believe is a pretty romantic detail of cottage style in kitchen furniture.

I have to confess It wasn't easy to me at first to consider curtains to hide some stuff in the kitchen but after see these images I'm totally convinced, now I just have to convince my picky roommate :D

thanks to kitchenisms, design*sponge and decor8


Sketches of an arquitect

I really enjoy watching my husband sketching. The way he does, like, every where any time, in a tiny piece of paper, in a fancy paper sheet, using colours, markers, or just an HB pencil. It comes so easily from him and when he draws is so easy to see how he actually enjoy it.


thnks to my favorit memory box and  enrique's flickr