Acapulco Chair

When I started research about this chair I couldn't get much information about it history, instade, I found several international brands that manufacture the chair. that's a good thing because they give the clean and elegant touch to the manufacture of the almost crafty chair. I love the simplicity and now the bright colors they have. But just in case you didn't know, This chair is from Acapulco beach, was made in the 50's and is Mexican, just like me :D

 thks to Acapulco chair company. Also consult: Oficina kreativainnit  , greenpointworks 


  1. Love that they're still making this chair. Perfect for adding a retro touch to any space. I think that I used to have one of those in kids size a few years ago.

  2. Love them to!!! thnks for the comment Dey.....I wonder where is your old chair, i want to rescue it.