Another chair: A by Tolix

This chair was made after the first world war in France, has been on exhibitions in Vitra Design Museum, MOMA and the Pompidou Center. I'm sure TOLIX can tell the history better than me.
The things i love about this chair? it is an antique that has an industrial style at the same time. To me just the perfect touch
. A truly hit for interior desing last year and also this year.
Here images of the A chair and also the AC and FT5

thnks to pttery barn  and cucumbersome


Acapulco Chair

When I started research about this chair I couldn't get much information about it history, instade, I found several international brands that manufacture the chair. that's a good thing because they give the clean and elegant touch to the manufacture of the almost crafty chair. I love the simplicity and now the bright colors they have. But just in case you didn't know, This chair is from Acapulco beach, was made in the 50's and is Mexican, just like me :D

 thks to Acapulco chair company. Also consult: Oficina kreativainnit  , greenpointworks 


Tegan and Sara

This time i want to introduce you all, one of my favorite bands: Tegan and Sara. I like them so much for several reasons, they are rock girls, they are Canadian, they are twins, they are fun, but mostly 'cause i feel identified with their girly-rock style. I Hope you like it.


Hot letters

All year long I have seen this small but cute details on a thousand of decoration images. This hot letters and some times words are everywhere: kitchen, bathrooms, dorms, living rooms, dining....just take a look!!!!


Defining the style

I haven't define exactly wich is my style in decoration. I have to say, I am a classic girl, i like sober  and elegant shapes, i also like contemporary style  but just in a few elements, I like to add just a touch of industrial style. I believe the right way to say it is: contemporary with some accents of classic. here some images if you need to define your style. Enjoy it!!

tnks to delikatissen and fresh home


A fun entry

I don't even have to write about  this. It's Saturday and Natalie Dee is just perfect to start weekend in a really fun way. I found her like, 5 year ago and now I share with all of you her amazing job. Have a nice weekend!!